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Instructional Hockey

The Instructional Hockey Program is the next developmental step after the completion of Learn to Skate or for those that have completed a similar program elsewhere.  To advance to Instructional Hockey, players should be comfortable and confident skaters and should be ready to take on more advanced instruction. 

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Practices will follow the American Developmental Model (ADM) www.admkids.com where the children will be moving from station to station in order to work on skating skills, hockey skills, and small area games.

Games will be 3 vs. 3 cross-ice hockey using mini nets without goalies. Our hockey games are scaled down to the size of our participants to allow more action for developing players.  Cross-ice play allows all players to be close to the action and provides players more ice time and more puck possession.

Instructional Hockey players will be divided into teams. They will play against the other instructional hockey teams following an in-house format.

The following equipment is required:

·       Skates

·       Hockey helmet with full faceguard

·       Hockey gloves

·       Shin pads

·       Protective cup

·       Socks

·       Hockey pants

·       Elbow pads

·       Shoulder pads

·       Hockey stick

* Neck guard (Strongly Reccomended)

A team jersey will be provided.

Volunteers both on and off the ice are needed.  All on-ice volunteers must formally register as coaches with NYH and www.usahockey.com before stepping on the ice.

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer please contact our Instructional Hockey Director Ed Bartlett ebartlett3@gmail.com